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Isotretinoin (generic Accutane, Roaccutane) - a drug related to vitamin A, used in the treatment of certain cancers and severe forms of acne. Because of the ability of the main substance to kill rapidly dividing cells, it was originally used in chemotherapy of brain, pancreatic and several other types of cancer. It was subsequently found the ability of Accutane to inhibit excessive growth of epithelial cells of excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands, which leads to a decrease in sebum production and, consequently, to an effective cure of acne and pimples.

Currently Accutane - is one of the few drugs, the use of which leads to sustainable cure of acne and pimples in all cases.

What are the methods of acne treatment?

There are several stages of acne and, each of them has its own method of treatment. The severity of the disease can define only a dermatologist, so prior to treatment, you should consult an experienced professional. If the disease is at an early stage, it can be cured by simple procedures, such as anti-inflammatory and exfoliating.

Consider the most common treatments for this disease.

The first is cleansing or exfoliating. When cleaning facial skin is cleaned by hand or by using a special device. During the procedure, the dead skin cells are sloughed off, the skin gets rid of surface contamination and clogging of pores and cleans inflammatory comedones.

Microdermabrasion or skin resurfacing - a kind of mechanical exfoliation, in which, the top layer of the skin is gradually erased. This method gives excellent results very quickly. It will take a few sessions of this procedure, in order to improve facial skin markedly. Polishing should be conducted both: during acne and during post-acne.

Mesotherapy involves the implementation of the treatment solution with a needle in the middle part of the skin. Thus there is a deep cleansing and nourishing. Mesotherapy eliminates the disease and provide long-term effects.

Photo-therapy is the newest way to fight acne, which removes dead skin cells with flashlights. The light at the same time causes an increase in the production of collagen, the skin is tightened and deeply cleansed.

Other methods in the treatment of this disease are hydro, ozone therapy, peels and medical treatment with the help of Accutane. Method of treatment is chosen by the doctor, according to the stage of the disease.

Accutane precautions: information for women

Accutane is teratogenic drug. When the drug is assigned to a women of childbearing age, she should avoid pregnancy for two weeks before treatment. But the drug does not stay long in the tissues, so in 1-2 months after treatment, pregnancy is not prohibited. Misconception of some gynecologists and other specialists, who do not recommend to become pregnant the whole first year after treatment with Accutane: the level of drug in the blood returns to the normal physiological range in two weeks after discontinuation of therapy.

And for men, Accutane, in terms of childbearing, has no contraindications, as no effect on sperm. All women of childbearing age, receiving Accutane, should be ready to use contraception and, if necessary, be tested for pregnancy before they start taking meds, as well as to sign a consent, which highlights the importance of avoiding pregnancy during treatment and for 4-6 weeks after its end

. Accutane benefits: why do patients prefer it?

The last word in the external treatment of acne is Accutane in a form of ointment. After 14 days of use there is a significant improvement of the skin, reduced inflammation, skin becomes healthier. Accutane is suitable for both dry and oily skin. It does not irritate the skin, contains no shine and color. Sometimes, when using this cream, you may notice dry skin, but usually this phenomenon is weak and does not require discontinuation of therapy.

The formulation contains zinc, which is an inflammatory component, able to inhibit the production of sebum. Isotretinoin - the main active ingredient of the medication, successfully fights the bacteria, that contribute to acne formation.

Virtually, Accutane has no contraindications, so it can be used by a large number of patients, including adolescents. When using Accutane cream, you can easy use makeup, as the drug is applied in the morning after washing and before make-up, as well as in the evening after make-up removal. When using this lotion, you can stay in the sun. The only contraindication - allergy to the components of the cream.

You need to be patient, as the process of acne treating is long. However, keeping all the rules of Accutane intake, proper care of the skin and with proper nutrition, acne will leave you sooner or later. After two months of treatment, many patients inform about great improvements of skin condition.

Accutane application in children

Accutane is not designed for acne treatment in children. In order to cure acne at your child, turn to the skin specialist and follow his further recommendations. Usually, children are prescribed more soft remedies in such cases.

Accutane release forms

- Capsules, containing 2.5, 5, 10, or 20 mg of isotretinoin

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- Accutane cream

Is it possible to buy Accutane without prescription and where?

Acne - a chronic skin disease, mainly affecting the face, back, chest, which causes severe cosmetic defect. This in turn, leads to inhibition of psycho-emotional sphere of the patient. The disease is difficult to treat and requires complex therapy.

Accutane, created on the basis of the unique composition of minerals, gives a good therapeutic effect and can be bought without prescription at numerous online pharmacies. Let’s see some details.

Today the market of cosmetic products represents a fairly wide range of specially designed therapeutic remedies, that are quite effective if properly applied and could eliminate this skin problem like acne. Even if after this disease are traces on the face in the form of scars, thanks to the arsenal of modern cosmetology equipment: laser, facial resurfacing, photo-cleaning, etc, all of this can be removed and the person’s face will again be smooth, clean and silky.

Accutane is a modern effective remedy for acne, which is characterized by a high frequency and the resistance of the positive result, and is more effective and safe than antibiotics.

Accutane may be appointed by a doctor - clearly follow the instructions and recommendations in the treatment process. Thus, in some countries, the drug is available only according to prescription. But with the wide network of online shops, it’s not a problem to buy Accutane without prescription and for cheaper price.

Accutane for sale is the best and effective remedy for acne, which has the following actions:

* anti-inflammatory

* sebo-regulating

* ectylotic

Depending on the severity of disease, the course can be extended to 6 months.

The skin changes already in the process of treatment!

- no skin greasiness!

- no itching!

- no inflammation!

- yes healthy look!

Buy Accutane and shine like a star again!