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Educational Science Presentations in San Jose, CA

Educational Science Presentations in San Jose, CA


Audiences have only good things to say about Kenneth Wesson’s educational science presentations in San Jose, CA.  Click here to learn more about his presentations, or feel free to call today and schedule a keynote address.

2019 and 2020

(both in-person and on-line conferences) 

·       Bring Dr. Wesson in every year! He is awesome!

·       Great!  I love Ken Wesson! He is the best!

·       I have heard Dr. Wesson speak at several conferences several times, and I am always impressed with his knowledge base around SEL.

·       I could listen to Ken. Wesson all day. He is always so engaging and informative. I was sad when I realized he only had a few minutes left.

·       Your keynote presentation was perfect for our organization—the best keynote in our organization’s history!

·       Dr. Wesson's keynote speech was life-changing! He introduced ideas that, although they made perfect sense, where ideas that I had not thought of specifically before.

·       Probably the best presenter ever!

·       Thank you for your time. Inspiring and informational!

·       I feel like my brain is on overload now. There was so much great information to digest!

·       Wow! What an experience!

·       Thank you! I appreciate your time and knowledge

·       Thank you so much for teaching and inspiring us!

·       Amazing as always, Dr. Wesson - Thank you!

·       Very inspirational! Thank you!

·       Love you, Ken!

·       This is my second time hearing Wesson, and I am fascinated all over again!

·       You are such an inspiration to so many, and you have a powerful impact on our educators' teaching practices.

·       So inspirational!

·       Amazing! Thank you, Dr. Wesson!

·       Thank you sooooo much! It was great.

·       Awesome! This was so wonderful and INSPIRING!

·       Thank you for the inspiring, uplifting and scientifically rich keynote address at the NGSS Symposium. People were stopping me all day to let me know how much they appreciated it.

·       Wow …just wow!

·       Although I have heard him before, it is new learning every time he speaks.  

·       Thanks for inviting Ken Wesson - so inspiring. He is among the very BEST keynote speakers ever!

·       Mr. Wesson is highly informative.

·       He is my inspiration! Always love hearing him.

·       I love his “…give students time to think” in order to move learning forward.

·       Kenneth, you are great!!

·       He really solidifies the idea that we need a fundamental change in how we design our lessons in order to maximize student thinking.

·       I always take pics when Ken Wesson talks!!

·       An amazing presentation!

·       This is all so important to know as an educator. I appreciate that he is bringing this information to light.

·       I need Dr. Wesson to mentor me!

·       Now my colleagues know why I love hearing Ken over and over again!! Every time I learn something new.

·       Thank you so much, very insightful!

·       Amazing! Thank you!

·       I appreciate having him share his expertise on the neuroscience of learning as it relates to “Access and Equity” for all. 

·       Your presentation was engaging, informative and motivating, allowing our participants to continue to expand their horizons as learners. It was enlightening to see them leave with a renewed commitment.

·       Your statement, “It’s not the content that is most challenging for many students – it’s the treatment” was not only food for thought, but will stay with me for the rest of my teaching career.

·       That keynote was a powerful learning experience that none of us will forget any time soon. 

·       I am thankful for this keynote and what I was able to take away from it!

·       Amazing! It was such a dynamic and interesting presentation! I only wish we had more time with him.

·       Please know that your knowledge and passion was well received and will serve to guide our work in transdisciplinary instruction.    

·       He was absolutely excellent! I’ll take many of his ideas back to my classroom.

·       I went to Dr. Wesson’s keynote session he was excellent!

·       The keynote speaker was awesome!

·       Hilarious and extremely educational! Thank you!

·       I really enjoyed the content and the delivery of his lecture.

·       Dr. Wesson was an amazing presenter!

·       The STEAM keynote speaker was great!

·       Dr. Wesson is fantastic, inspirational and has motivated me to be a better educator.

·       Very insightful, positive, and enlightening. This keynote speaker was excellent!

·       Great presenter with very relevant information.

·       We are all happy that we decided to see Dr. Wesson. He was fabulous!

·       Dr. Wesson was absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for bringing him in.

·       The keynote speaker was fabulous and had numerous practical ideas for teaching.

·       Wish we had more time with him.

·       Thank you for everything you shared.

·       Most exciting speaker we have ever had. Best presentation I've ever listened to. Thanks for reminding me why I got into teaching.

·       He was such a wonderful speaker, and I am thankful to have experienced his keynote address.

·       Dr. Wesson was extremely informative and engaging.

·       Your session was SO interesting, I learned so much from your content, and I only wished your time could have been longer! My husband is a former teacher, and it was fun relaying to him some bits of knowledge I learned from you.

·       Dr. Wesson was fantastic!

·       I will be applying some of your content in my classroom to jazz up learning a bit! 

·       I attended Ken Wesson’s keynote and it was amazing.

·       I love hearing about how the brain works, and how we can best engage our students. He is so inspiring!



The California Teachers Association (July 2018)
The best part of the 2018 Summer Institute was...

"Hearing Kenneth Wesson speak. He was by far the best speaker yet!"

"Dr. Wesson’s presentation. -Powerful -Relevant -Meaningful."

"Kenneth Wesson! I could have spent the whole day with him. I left here to call people about the morning session, so powerful."

"Kenneth’s morning presentation was awesome! The highlight of the week – learned so much about the brain and emotion."


"Kenneth Wesson. An unforgettable presentation."

California Kindergarten Association (Jan. 2018)
"OMG! I’ve been awakened!"

"I found the topic and the speaker amazing!"

"This is my second time hearing Dr. Wesson and I am fascinated again!"

"It was great to learn how the STREAM subjects are interconnected. The hands-on activities made the experience engaging and interesting for all."

"Awesome! You make it so easy to understand the neuroscience behind learning and science."

"I loved the hands-on activities, and will definitely be incorporating some of them into my lesson plans. Thank you for blending facts, info, and fun!"

"I had numerous takeaways, especially the links to the NGSS, which was frightening to me before. This presentation had a perfect balance of doing and talking."

"I love the high quality of (1) brain research that accompanied this session, and (2) hands-on learning opportunities. I particularly enjoyed hearing from a practitioner who can “walk their talk”!"

CA Mathematics Council (Nov. 2018)
"Thank you for the best opener of the CMC Math conference I've ever attended in the 5 times of attending since 2012."

"Thank you for your presentation at the CMC! One can only wonder how 90 minutes could feel like 15 seconds. It went by so quickly during your brilliant and applicable presentation. I'll be referencing your work in a book I'm writing. It was an honor."

"Thank you for making your presentation engaging. Very informative. Loved it. A great way to close the conference for me!"

"He clearly emphasized and illustrated the problems of inequity, and the strategies that teachers can use to close the opportunity gap."

CA Association of Black School Educators (Oct. 2018)
"Absolutely the best presentation I've seen regarding issues in learning! Your presentation at last week's conference provided the greatest insight to what I was hoping to see. I believe the equity and social-emotional learning topics are important, but we need to have more focus on the topic of how to learn. Outstanding!"

"What a knowledgeable, well-traveled, and accomplished man, yet he was so kind and patient with those of us who wanted to chat after his exceptional talk."

"What an inspirational and motivational conference! Kenneth Wesson just gave us some great insight on how the brain works. Amazing!" xanax

National Science Teachers Association (Oct. 2018)
"Thanks to Dr. Wesson for his engaging presentation at the NSTA convention in Reno! It was a wonderful, informative, and inspirational presentation."

Washington Science Teachers Association (Oct. 2018)
"I want to thank you again for the informative presentation that you delivered at the Washington Science Teachers Association conference on Saturday. I had a number of “ah-ha” moments, and found the slide animations that you shared incredibly helpful."

Splash (July 2018)
"I wanted to reach out and say I immensely enjoyed your presentation. I absolutely appreciated your emphasis on interconnectivity, and mentioning that several universities and programs of study are integrating it in their content."

"I wanted to reach out and give thanks for me having ended up at the presentation, for your line of work and for your way of putting it out in the world."


February - October

Utah Science Teachers Association (February 2017)
"I attended USTA Conference in Provo, Utah in February and found your keynote speech to be very inspiring.  I am very interested in brain health and how to address it in the classroom. Since I heard your talk, I have been giving my students more engaging science activities and I have noticed that they are learning faster, remembering more and excited to come to class; in addition, they are more willing to do their written work in a quality way."

"Thank you for a superb presentation at our Utah Science Teachers Association conference a couple weeks ago.  I’d love to share what you shared with my administrators and a few other teachers. "

Science Project

Hoosier Association of Science Teachers, Incorporated – HASTI (Feb. 2017)
"I attended your presentation at the HASTI conference last week. Before saying anything else, I want to thank you for such an incredibly interesting and highly information educational presentation."

"I want to thank you again for your keynote address at the HASTI conference last week. I had several teachers tell me on Thursday evening and Friday during the day how much they enjoyed your presentation and the valuable information you shared."

Genesee County Superintendents' Retreat (Feb. 2017)
"Thank you so much for your keynote presentation. Our superintendents and administrators are continually referencing your presentation and they sincerely appreciated having you with our group."

Ken, and TV’s “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” and Dr. Lou Loftin

Palo Alto Unified School District (Feb. 2017)
"Thank you SO much for your presentation.  I just glanced at the survey data and they were glowing for your session! Teachers felt a sense of connection with you as an educator and they know how deeply you care for students.  This creates a great opportunity for our brains to learn!"

"I thought the presenter on the brain research was incredibly captivating and I would love to have had more time with him."

"Dr. Ken Wesson was knowledgeable and his delivery was dynamic."

"Understanding and Applying Brain Research in the Classroom was awesome and inspiring. The "power" of visualization is something that resonates with me to improve student learning. I will do more to include the findings of brain research in my teaching practices. "

"LOVED the neuroscience talk- I hope he can be brought in for a longer lecture at some point. So informative, research-based and entertaining at the same time."

"Loved learning how the teenager’s brain works."

"The neuroscientist Kenneth Wesson was very informative and presented in a way that can be used in class."

"I really enjoyed the STEAM guest speaker Ken Wesson! He was informative, engaging, and fun. I learned a lot about the brain and what sticks, how STEAM is seen all over the world, and how to engage students through interdisciplinary work. Can he come all the time?" Adderall link link link

"Thank you to Ken Wesson - I learned a lot about the brain and what sticks, and how to engage students through interdisciplinary work. We want him to teach us more!"

"Thank you to the presenters! I especially appreciated the sharing of information and inter-activeness of Ken Wesson's session!"

"The fine gentleman who did the brain presentation was amazing. He was informative, quick, fun. Please invite him every few years so we can learn the latest and greatest information about the brain and education!"

Chabot Science Center (Feb. 2017)
"Your keynote was inspiring and original! "

"Thank you for the inspiring, uplifting and scientifically-rich keynote address at the NGSS Symposium. People were stopping me all day to let me know how much they appreciated your presentation."

Group Experiment

California Association of African-American Superintendents and Administrators (March 2017)
"I’ve been in education for over 37 years and yours was the best keynote address I’ve heard in my career. I will be quoting you for years to come."

"I thoroughly enjoyed your keynote and session this morning. I appreciate the research, the knowledge and the insight that you shared today."

Ventura County Office of Education (March 2017)
"There have been so many participants who indicated that your keynote was the highlight of their experience.  I want to thank you for helping us move forward with better STEM implementation."

"I had the privilege of hearing you speak twice at the Ventura County Office of Ed STEM Conference on March 9 in Camarillo, CA. I felt synapses firing and couldn't wait to share the information with my colleagues. I appreciate all you have done to further STEM Education!"

California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (Oct. 2017: “Access and Equity”)
"Thank you so much for your amazing lecture! I have read your work before and was so excited to hear you speak."

"You are such an inspiration to so many and have made a powerful impact on so many educators' teaching practices."

"The participants were, as usual, very inspired by your words and each of the workshop leaders made many references to your keynote."

"I wanted to let you know that I am so in FIRE about this!! I want my teachers to understand ACEs, how the brain works, and how to create safe spaces in their classrooms."

"It was wonderful to hear you speak - I really enjoyed your presentation.  I have to tell you, everyone was still talking about your presentation even the next day.  Every session I was in, made references back to your opening presentation – all positive.  In my opinion, you hit it out of the park!!!  And you were still running the bases long after the game :)" tramadol

"I will be incorporating much of Dr. Wesson's discussion into my existing work around Access and Equity in mathematics."

"Ken Wesson was great!! His article was a great read, and is a resource I will share with teachers and districts."

"The emphasis on the intersection of math and science and the information by Dr. Wesson was phenomenal."

"You received wonderful reviews and many indicated in their survey responses that they wish you could have spoken longer.  Thank you for your wonderful presentation and I know that it made an impact and helped change our thinking."


February - September

Georgia Science Teachers Association (Feb. 2016)
"Your keynote at the GSTA was by far my favorite session of the conference. I learned SO much! "

"I heard nothing but positive comments about your presentation.  Everyone is now a huge fan!  Thanks for making our conference so engaging and, hopefully, you received some great feedback.  People are already asking for your keynote presentation, so I will make it available to all.  I sincerely appreciated your willingness to share your knowledge with our teachers."

Informal Science Education Association of Texas conference (Feb. 2016)
"Thank you so much for your tremendous contributions to the ISEA conference. Your keynote presentation was perfect for our organization—the best keynote in our history, and I know I wasn’t the only one that felt that way! I especially appreciate the extra time that you spent at the conference networking with our members, sharing some amazing ideas, and offering your sage advice. That counts as going above and beyond the call of duty! Personally, I think we could have had a “Day with Dr. Ken Wesson” at the conference. (Perhaps that is not a bad idea for a future conference.)"

Mills College (Feb. 2016)
You were awesome!  I thoroughly enjoyed your speech. Even as a psychiatrist, I learned quite a bit from your keynote address, as well as about how to engage an audience.  You demonstrate what you advocate by your presentation style, and it’s a winning strategy."

STEAM Symposium 2016 (April 2016)
"What a powerful presentation you just delivered at the STEAM symposium! Your address provided me with concrete information that I can use with my colleagues and our parent community about the brain benefits of STEAM education. Thank you so much for your humor, intelligence, and insight."

"Thank you for your inspirational keynote and follow-up workshop. I appreciated the science-based content on how the brain works, and also your empathetic tone during the presentation and the class. In addition, you used brain-based techniques to get us talking, drawing, moving, and being creative.  It was a pleasant way to spend my Saturday with other people who care so much about education."

Splash Conference (July 2016)
However, the highlight of the entire event for me was Dr. Kenneth Wesson. I listened in awe to his keynote address. It was during that time that I knew I had to attend his breakout session. Again, he did not disappoint. AWESOME is not a big enough word to describe this man! It was as if he took my beliefs about teaching and threw some neurosciences into them to back them up and give them validity for us. And then he showed me new ways to incorporate this information into how my classroom functions.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for bringing him in to speak to us. I had never heard of him before, but I will be following him and his work very closely now! 

NSTA STEM Conference (July 2016) 
I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation at the NSTA conference on July 29th. It was the best presentation that I attended! 

Thank you so much for your presentation! It was absolutely the best session I attended.  

I attended your talk on Friday of the STEM conference titled “Teaching for Invention and Creativity.” First of all, I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed the session. It was my favorite session during the entire conference (and there were a number of great sessions). I only wish that it had been longer!

STEM Speakers’ Series (Sept. 2016)
"Dr. Wesson is an outstanding presenter.  His explanation of the evolution and the importance of STEM was enlightening.  I loved how he engaged the audience by having us create along with him as he discussed “materials engineering.”  I never truly understood the concept in practice before -- now I do."


January - November

California Kindergarten Association (January 2015)
"I attended your session at the CA Kindergarten Conference (a.k.a., the PK 1 Conference) in Santa Clara. Prior to attending your session, I felt I was fairly up-to-date on brain research. Your session helped me understand how much I still have to learn (and keep on learning). Again, thank you for a wonderful presentation! Thank you for the effort you make to share your knowledge with teachers in the trenches!!"

"I truly enjoyed your presentation.  I feel like I could have listened to you all day!  I love brain-based learning and educational research!"

Ken Wesson Speaking

Elementary Science Workshop in Shoreline, WA (August 2015)
"I really enjoyed being a participant in your presentation in Shoreline, WA. It's been a long time since I have been so energized by a keynote speaker. You certainly follow the 5 E's in Science Education with much emphasis on "Engagement." Thank you."

"I attended the FOSS workshop in Shoreline, WA yesterday and was greatly impressed and inspired by your presentation, as well as with what the Next Generation Science Standards have to offer. I strongly believe they will significantly raise the bar for our nationally competitiveness (educationally and economically). That is, if teachers are given the support they need from the experts (like you)!"

Berryessa Elementary School District (August 2015)
"Thank you so much for both the keynote address and the wonderful STEM presentation. It was delightful meeting you and I treasure the wonderful wave of science you bring to us."

Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District (August 2015)
"And a huge THANK YOU! I know you only had a limited time, but I wished it could have been longer. You are an incredible speaker with a great vision and perspective. You and your message received rave reviews."

"I really enjoyed your presentation. Much of what you said resonated with me. The research basis gave me more confidence in the approaches I have been taking. I keep thinking about what I learned from your keynote presentation when I am planning my lessons now, and I shared some of the facts with my students too. Thank you so much for the inspiration you have given me for years to come!"

"First of all, thank you for an amazing presentation! I’m fascinated by learning, our motivation behind learning, and what can I do to improve it for myself and my students. I was very engaged and deeply impacted by your presentation."

"I wanted to start with you that we love your work and we are trying to implement your ideas. We are seeing successes in our district and are we very excited about the new level of student work. Our team is writing a STEM grant and would love to write it as a ST2REAM grant now, based on your work."

Inventing Our Future Summer Institute (August 2015)
"Thanks so much for presenting your powerful work at the Institute this year. We were not at all surprised to hear how valuable your workshop was for so many."

"Thank you, Ken! You are a big part of what made this year’s Institute outstanding!"

"Your work is inspiring and makes me really excited about how I can help maximize the development of our students. I thoroughly enjoyed your session at the Institute today!"
"Good Morning! Yesterday, I had the distinct privilege of hearing and experiencing Dr. Heath and you give an amazing interactive presentation about “Play and the Brain.” It was so interesting, exciting and directly applicable to working with my energetic and creative Art students."

LA Unified School District: Developing Academic Language (August 2015)
"We are still receiving great feedback from the participants who attended your awesome academic language development presentation on August 15th!"

Northern California Early Learning Summit (September 2015)
"Our summit was an awesome success, because of you! Thank you so much for kicking it off with an abundance of passion and energy behind the relevant content you shared. Your keynote was certainly the high note of the day!"

"You are a stellar presenter and I will certainly share my experience with my colleagues. We are huge fans of brain research."

"I have not had an opportunity to read all of the evaluations yet, however, many participants shared verbal feedback with me that they were so glad you were here again this year, and how much they continue to learn from you. You inspire them to think differently, to change their teaching practices, and to focus on building genuinely healthy relationships with our ECE children and as well as in their own lives!"

Los Angeles Unified School District (Sept. 2015)
"We are still receiving great feedback from our participants regarding your awesome presentation – and it was two weeks ago!"

Ken Wessen

CA STEM symposium (October 2015)
"First, I wanted you to know that you were by far the best, most inspirational speaker at the STEM conference. Your presentation was incredibly well-delivered and well-organized. Thank you for adding real value to this conference."

"Thank you so much for a most inspiring presentation at the STEM Symposium last week! It was by far the best session I attended."

"I attended your session at the STEM Symposium. You gave an amazing presentation that will definitely lead me to change my instruction even beyond "one degree"! Thank you!"

"Thank you very much for your inspirational presentation and for sending me the PowerPoint file. I look forward to reading the articles that you wrote. My colleague and I will be meeting with our principal next week regarding the STEM Symposium. We will definitely be sharing the insights we gained from your presentation."

"Dr. Wesson, thank you so much for all of the great information you shared with us regarding STEM education."

Michigan Association of School Boards (Oct. 2015)
"Bring Dr. Wesson in every year! He is awesome!"

"That was a wonderful keynote presentation! He captivated the entire room."

"I like Wesson’s hands-on approach. He really involves everyone in a packed room."

Omaha, Nebraska: Developing Academic Language (October 2015)
"Thank you! I appreciate the information you shared so much, and love the strategies you discussed. I went back the next day and started changing quite a bit of my teaching."

"It was a joy to attend your workshop on "Developing Academic Language in the Context of Learning." You are masterful at sharing an enormous amount of relevant information in captivating ways for your audience. You have given me new ways to help our teachers better understand how students learn. Thank you!"

"Thank you so much for sharing your insights and wisdom yesterday at ESU #3 in Omaha. I love listening to your presentations! (I heard you last year in Elkhorn, NE too.) I did try a couple activities last night with my children at home. They loved them!"

"Thank you so much for the plethora of information and experiences you provided at today’s language development workshop. I learned a great deal and I have many new ideas to implement in my own classroom and to share with others."

"I really enjoyed your talk. It was very interesting, and will impact my students’ learning in the classroom!"

"I enjoyed hearing the new ideas in your presentation, and having some of my own ideas confirmed. I am currently teaching a Science Methods class for elementary education majors and plan to share many of your ideas with them. Thank you!"

Ken Wesson Lecture

Arizona Science Teachers Association (Nov. 2015)
"Thank you, Dr. Wesson, for being a part of our conference. The buzz throughout the conference was about your keynote and breakout sessions!"

"Thank you again for making our annual conference so AWESOME!!"

North Carolina Science Teachers Association (Nov. 2015)
"We GREATLY enjoyed your keynote and look forward to implementing your ideas in our classrooms!"

"I was at the NCSTA convention in Winston Salem and saw your keynote address, and it was a fantastic presentation that gave me the spark to create more lessons where students use their hands to learn."

Other Thanks Yous.....

"Thank you, Ken. As always you were spectacular!"
— Administrator, California Department of Education

"Hello Dr. Wesson:
I found your presentation today to be the best presentation at an educational conference that I have been to in my 30 years of experience in secondary education mathematics.  I have been to NCTM, ASCD, CMC, AMTE, etc…and wish I had heard the information you shared 30 years ago."
— Washington., DC Administrator

"It was so delightful to meet you. I think you are an amazing teacher/lecturer. Your brain-considerate content presentation was phenomenal on Saturday and the highlight of our summit."
— Administrator, Sacramento County Office of Education

"First off, I want to thank you so much for a WONDERFUL presentation this morning at the Arizona Teacher's Institute on Growing the Best Brain Possible!"

"Thank you again for an incredibly inspiring message!"

"Thanks so much for presenting your powerful work at the Institute this year. We were not at all surprised to hear how valuable your workshop was for so many!"

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your session on Brain-based learning last week in New Orleans!! It was absolutely the best one I attended all weekend."

"If your keynote was all that I had attended at the conference that would have been enough for me to say that going to New Orleans was worth it!"

"Dear Dr. Wesson, I enjoyed every minute of your speech at the NSTA conference in New Orleans. I was furiously taking notes when you indicated that you would have the presentation on your website; so then I sat back, relaxed, and thoroughly enjoyed your discussion."

"Thank you so much!I am the Director of STEM Outreach for the New Mexico State University College of Ed. and we continually provide professional development opportunities for teachers. Your information is so relevant! Thank you!!!"

"I must let you know that in my correspondence to the Virgin Islands Commissioner of Education concerning my experiences at the NSTA conference, I cited your presentation as the highlight of my trip."

"Thank you very much Dr. Wesson. You are really a great inspiration to me. Sharing your extensive research with us is a blessing to us."

"You have given me more resources to use! We would love to have you come and talk with our teachers. YOU are wonderful! Thank you!"

"The presentation was awesome!"

"I attended your keynote at NSTA in New Orleans.What a wonderful engaging talk!"

"Thank you for your inspiration!"

"Again, your lecture was one of the highlights at an excellent conference.When I report back to my colleagues, I will be citing your lecture heavily."

"I can't stop thinking about your excellent NSTA presentation!"

"Your NSTA talk last week was FANTASTIC."

"I wanted to thank you for a wonderful presentation the other day.I have not been able to stop thinking about the implications the information you shared has/will have on education.I took several pieces back to my staff the very next day."

"If you are in need of a small middle school to conduct research at, or just want to visit I would love to host you at View Ridge Middle School."

"The best presentation that I've ever seen at a conference!"

"You have so much research and knowledge to share that I wondered how you were going to package bits of that information in such a short time, but you did it. I was fired are a great teacher"

"I thoroughly enjoyed your session at this week's conference in New Orleans."

"I think often of your presentation and have referred to it multiple times.Thank you so much for such valuable information.I am hopeful for the future, knowing that there are such excellent, caring individuals like you, working to improve the educational system and approach."

"I so enjoyed your talk and am anxious to share information with my teachers.Thanks again for all you do for science education."

"Big thanks! You made a great impression on me that will in turn affect my students here at the Governor's Academy in MA. I am soon to become dept. chair, so I will be sure to share your ideas with the teachers in my dept so their students can also benefit."

Ken Wesson Speaking

"I was present at the NSTA conference in New Orleans this past week.I truly enjoyed your lecture on learning how the brain works.I have two questions.First, can you send me the PowerPoint from the conference?Second can you guide me to more information to help with strategies for the classroom in reference to the brain-based research that is out there?"

"Thanks so much for your great presentation.I had heard so much about you, and you really lived up to your reputation."

"Thank you again for sharing your wisdom with us at NSTA. I found your speech very enlightening."

"It was informative and fun!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this presentation. I thought that the information was practical, applicable, Interesting, eye-opening and well thought out. I would recommend Kenneth Wesson's workshop to anybody."