If it's your job to

develop the mind,

shouldn't you know how the brain works?

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Educational Consultant in San Jose, CA

The premise of Kenneth Wesson's research, keynote addresses, speeches and workshops over the past three decades has been grounded in the question, "If it's your job to develop the mind, shouldn't you know how the brain works?"

Kenneth Wesson works as an educational consultant in San Jose, CA, for pre-school through university-level institutions and organizations. He speaks throughout the world on the neuroscience of learning and methods for creating classrooms and learning environments that are "brain-considerate."

Keynote Speaker in San Jose, CA

"Each year, new findings in cognitive psychology and neuroscience will be infused into teacher preparation, curriculum, instruction, student assessment, and the classroom environment. The works of Howard Gardner (Multiple Intelligences), Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence), Kenneth Wesson (Brain-considerate Learning), and others have already been influential in reshaping the independent school classroom, while programs like Mel Levine's Schools Attuned are assisting educators in using neurodevelopmental content in their classrooms to create success at learning and to provide hope and satisfaction for all students." — National Association of Independent Schools

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